NCC - 86105
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Posted on Wed Feb 21, 2018 @ 4:26am by Captain Richard McGavin & Lieutenant Commander Bobaht Lennhai & Junior Lieutenant Strivir & Ensign Judith Chesapeake & Captain Phillip Bronson & Commander Gregory Greyson & Ensign Patty O'Flarity & Ensign Amanda Lawrence

Mission: Ah, Capella Mining
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day (MD) 1

On the bridge of the Providence Lieutenant Commander Richard McGavin occupied the centre seat. The Providence had been orbiting Capella IV for several hours by this point already. Commander Greyson was on the planet surface, and the Captain was getting some well needed rest. The majority of the relief crew were manning the stations. Ensign Amanda Lawrence, another new face, was at the communications station in place of Lieutenant Strivir. The ensign addressed McGavin

"Commander McGavin," Ensign Lawrence called from the communications station behind the command chair. "incoming message from Starfleet, we're to report to Starbase L5 immediately."

McGavin nodded, as he turned back to glance at and nod to the Ensign in his peripheral vision. "Very good, Ensign. Signal the Landing party, relay our orders, tell them to stand by for transport."

Ensign Lawrence turned back to her station without a word. "Providence to landing party, prepare to beam back to the ship, we've been called to Starbase L5."

While the ensign relayed the information to the team on the surface, McGavin swallowed hard. His time was coming, first officer of a new ship. He was already sweating bullets thinking it would happen in a week or so, now it was only days away. He was having second thoughts about the posting, perhaps if he spoke to the captain, he could pull a few strings and Richard could stay aboard the Providence. "Bridge to Captain Bronson, please report to the bridge."

After a moment he called again to Ensign Lawrence. "Ensign, shipwide please."

"Aye sir, shipwide." She acknowledged.

"All hands, this is Lieutenant Commander McGavin, departure stations, we're braking orbit in thirty minutes. Bridge out."

Ensign Chesapeake was below decks tending to logs and records when the announcement came through. She had no 'departure station' as it were and would simply continue about her rather medial duties.

Tag: Wilson


On the surface GeeGee flipped closed his communicator and reattached it to his belt. "Gang!" he called out, failing to distinguish anyone in particular, realizing his mistake as dozens of heads turned to look at him, he rephrased. "Providence crew, on me. New order, beam out in five minutes."

Strivir looked up from a comm array he was in the last stages of fixing. "One minute to reinstall this panel. Be right there." he said

Meanwhile, Ensign O'Flarity was exercising his irish charm on a distinctly attractive (if grimy) miner who appeared to have just finished a shift. The jumpsuited blonde woman smiled at the red-shirted Starfleeter, her arms folded, quite plainly interested in what he had to say.

"We're leaving orbit soon," O'Flarity said with his smooth Irish brogue, "but maybe when you transit through the starbase, I could show you around. There's a bar there that serves real Romulan ale if you have the right friend..." Then Commander Greyson called out, and O'Flarity winced, before grinning apologetically. "Sorry Mona, back to work for me, but call me when you hit the starbase, alright?"

"Count on it, chuckles," the miner replied with a wink, smiling enigmatically, then giggled to herself at her own cheek.

Reluctantly, but feeling distinctly smug, the ensign stepped away from his beautiful new friend to return to the XO, the picture of professionalism now that he was directly under Greyson's eye.

GeeGee eyed O'Flarity, then decided to ignore the whole ordeal. "Everyone here?" he looked about, and everyone was there. He grabbed his communicator off of his belt and flipped it open. "Greyson to Providence, four to beam up."

After materialization the four stepped down from the transporter pad. "I'll be on the bridge," said the Commander, "see you in a bit." GeeGee exited the transporter room and caught the turbolift to the bridge. The ride was quick and quiet. Once on the bridge the younger Lieutenant Commander McGavin stood out of the command chair and relieved the bridge officer at the helm station. GeeGee sat at the bridge engineering station beside the turbolift and powered it on. He wondered what was so urgent that they were being called back to Starbase L-5 so quickly, this top-secret ship wasn't supposed to be going anywhere so soon.

A few moments went by and the lift doors opened again to show a groggy Captain Bronson. "Report." The wizened old man collapsed into the command chair, he closed his eyes for a moment, pressed his thumb and index finger to his eyes, then opened them again. He seemed rejuvenated.

McGavin turned about in his chair, "All stations report ready to depart sir." A smile reached the corner of his mouth before he turned back towards the front. McGavin's fingers danced over the console, plotting the course to L-5.

"Engineering?" asked the captain.

GeeGee turned to Phillip. "Warp power available captain, the nacelles are charged, deflector shields tuned." He nodded once and resumed his position.

"Helm, set course for Starbase L-5, warp 2." ordered the captain.

After a quick series of beeps and associated chirps from his console, McGavin replied. "Aye sir, course plotted, Starbase L-5, warp 2."


With fluid motion, the Starship Providence broke its orbit around the planet Capella IV, leaving behind the freighters Antrim and Devon to complete the off load. The bussard collectors in their spinning brilliance spin just a bit faster as the ship lurched forward into warp speed.



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