NCC - 86105
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Pride and Providence

Posted on Mon Feb 19, 2018 @ 2:54am by Ensign Judith Chesapeake & Captain Richard McGavin & Ensign Matt Wilson & Reaper

Mission: Ah, Capella Mining
Location: USS Providence | Deck 3 | Recreation Room

The USS Providence was a starship with charm and not much history underneath her yet. However, the crew seemed to have a strong sense of pride. This was especially true about the ones who had served aboard her for a while. The old aesthetic had such a captivating allure and would be providing a new home for Ensign Judith Chesapeake. She was lucky to get assigned to the Providence even if it was a starship with an older aesthetic. It did not matter one bit to her than the Providence looked older than she was.

It was known that in the past two years, a handful of Constitution class starship had been called back to shipyards and starbases to undergo changes. Starfleet was ready to start refitting these old connies and in the next year or so, all of them would likely be disassembled and decomissioned if they did not meet the performance requirements for the refit. Judith was glad that that the Providence would be sparred the scrap heap and probably be added to the refit list and recieve the refit soon enough. It would be needed to compete with newest ships of the line.

Judith walked into one of the Providence's recreational rooms on the third deck. She was a relatively new face to the crew, having just arrived aboard less than a week ago. She was a friendly girl, but quite bashful. She looked around the room and saw a man sitting at one the tables. Because of her position aboard the starship as the ship's Records Officer, she was familiarizing herself with the crew, learning names and pairing them with faces.

"Oh pardon me" she said politely as she navigated around the room and accidentally bumped into someone. Judith grabbed herself a drink before she took a seat, a vacant seat at the same table as the man she recognized as the helmsmen Lieutenant Commander McGavin. "It's McGavin, right? Lieutenant Commander Richard McGavin, Helmsmen?" she asked with a small smile on her face. "Hi" she added in a soft frinedly tone.

Richard was off in his own world. He wasn't actually in his own world, however he had zoned out from his Rec room surroundings. As was normal before his shift, Richard left his quarters early to grab some coffee and sit by himself reflecting upon life. Most of his coworkers by this point had become accustomed to leaving him alone to sip his sweet caffeine-giving nectar. Today's offering was french vanilla.

Richard's mind was racing, but this was a common occurrence when events aboard ship were quiet, and his ship mates were well acquainted with the notion of leaving him to his morning ritual. This morning marked about five days until we was moving from the Providence to a new vessel. That was about as much as he knew. He and the engineer were being transferred to some testbed ship that Starfleet whipped up to advance their exploration and boarder defense.

So deep in though, was he, that he didn't notice the young woman pull up and sit directly across from him with a mug in hand. Words came from her mouth, but he didn't hear them directly. Quickly though, the fog of his mind cleared, he gave his head a quick shake, and spoke. "Yessh, hi," he gulped down the luke-warm coffee he'd forgotten about in his mouth. "I'm McGavin, helmsman-" His eyes finally focused on the woman across from him. "and you are?"

The young woman blushed and a small smile peaked through briefly. "Chesapeake" replied the woman whom reached for a tray of empty mugs, taking one of them. A Yeoman walked by with a pot of coffee and poured the ensign a mug of the steaming brown liquid. The aroma of french vanilla hit her and she could not help but to make a sound of pleasure. "Mmmm" she said holding the mug to her mouth and taking a sip.

"Ensign Chesapeake" she further added in response the man's inquiry. "I came aboard recently to fill the vacancy as shp's records officer" she explained. "This is my first assignment since graduating from the academy" she confessed, hoping he wouldn't judge her too harshly for being rather 'green' as some would say.

"Oh," said McGavin, not entirely sure what to make of the young woman. His mind flitted back to his days as an fresh-faced ensign and felt pity for the poor young girl. He'd never had the courage when he was wet-behind-the-ears to go up to a senior officer and strike up a conversation. "hello Ensign, welcome aboard, err-" McGavin nervously scratched his head.

Since his wife had separated with him years earlier he'd never been good around women, especially the pretty ones. "-I guess it's a little past that, huh? Well, ensign, I have to make my way to the bridge, or I'll be late for my shift." McGavin stood abruptly, nearly knocking over his vacated seat while gulping the rest of his coffee. He made a beeline for the Rec room door, passing a red-shirted ensign with a dog, not even batting an eye.

Something peculiar then caught Ensign Chesapeake's line of sight. The doors to the recreation room opened. A man in uniform walked in with a large dog...a German Sheperd. "Oh my pie! Is that a dog?!" she said as her eyes lit up and her voice went up an octave or two. If there was one thing in the whole galaxy Judith loved, it was cute furry friends. She had pets back home.

There were seats vacant at their table, and Judith being the animal lover that she was, was quite eager to meet the dog. She looked at the man an motioned for him come over and join them. "Oh he is such a gorgeous creature" she said aloud.

Walking over and sitting down, with Reaper at his feet, Matt said, ''That he is." Looking at those around him, he said, he said, "Hi, i'm Matt, this is Reaper, and we are the K-9 Security Support Unit". Smiling, he said, "So who wants to pet Reaper?".

Without hesitation the young ensign leaned out from her seat and started the pet Reaper's head. "Such a handsome boy you are. I think you are the cutest crewmember I've seen" she said as she worked upward towards his ears and gave them a light scratching.

"Matt, It's a pleasure to meet you and Reaper" she said politely. "I am Ensign Chesapeake, ship's records officer" she added as she introduced herself to the man. She motioned to McGavin "We were just having some coffee and getting to know one another. Care to join us...well me I guess since my new friend has seemingly run off" she said shaking her head.

"Sure I don't mind', Wilson said. Extending his hand, he added, "Its a pleasure to meet you ". When he did this, Reaper looked at him, and tilted his sideways, giving him a look saying as if, "Whats this Dad?'

Ensign Chesapeake gestured for the man to sit as she reached for something that looked ediabe for a dog. She then carefully held it out for the dog to take. "You go on and enjoy that, Reaper" she said with a smile before looking back up at Matt. "So, what are you and Reaper doing aboard?" she inquired. She would probably be seeing their personnel files come across her desk soon enough.

"Well, we are aboard as a part of the K-9 Security Support Unit", Wilson chuckled.

The Ensign smiled. "Well, that is quite interesting. I love seeing Starfleet making use of animals like Reaper. If I ever need a security guard, I'll be sure to ask for you and Reaper" she said politely. "Though as the ship's records officer, it is unlikely I will ever need security."

The ship's intercom went off and announcement came in summoning her away. "Looks like we'll have to get to know each other at another time, I'm needed" she said with a smile before plesasntly disembarking from the table. "It was nice meeting you two" she added.


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