NCC - 86105
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Nappin' Cap'n

Posted on Thu Feb 1, 2018 @ 1:59am by Captain Richard McGavin & Captain Phillip Bronson & Commander Gregory Greyson

Mission: Ah, Capella Mining
Location: Deck 5
Timeline: Mission Day (MD) 1

What was it that people used to say, the last mile is the hardest, or something like that. At the very least this was true for Captain Bronson as the turbolift disgorged the Captain on the deck mere dozens of meters from his quarters the headache that have been plaguing him for the last couple of hours seem to increase tenfold. As he sauntered down the hallway he nodded respectfully to the crewmen, ensigns, and lieutenants that he passed in the hallway. He wasn't exactly sure when all of the junior officers had become that, junior. He remembered a time when his grizzled face looks closer to theirs then to that his grandfather.

Phillip rounded the bend and arrived at his quarters. He opened the door and went straight for his bunk hearing the comforting swoosh as the door closed behind him. Instinctively with his feet dangling off the bed he used his right foot to kick off his left Boot and vice versa. Why was he so damn tired? He'd have to make a trip to see the doctor, sooner rather than later.

A few moments later he drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


Surface of Capella IV

Gee Gee was doing his best to avoid having any direct contact with Wix. The man was no better than a troll, there is just something so very wrong with him but he couldn't quite put his hand on it. The sun was hot overhead as it was nearing midday, probably still not the hottest point of the day, you should have worn fatigues instead of his uniform. Perhaps Wix would have mistaken one of the lieutenants for the senior officer and he could have avoided contact with the short stocky balding man entirely.

Nevertheless things were progressing quickly. The Devon and the Antrim that already beamed down a large portion of the equipment slated for the new construction. Lieutenant Strivir had reported that he was making good progress is integrating both the new and the old systems. Lirin, O'Flarity and Gee Gee had in the meantime assisted the grunts moving the other equipment around.

When he had a moment, and Wicks was nowhere to be seen Gee Gee sidled up to lyrics "What do you think about our host?" he asked.


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