NCC - 86105
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In Command

Posted on Mon Jan 22, 2018 @ 2:42am by Captain Richard McGavin

Mission: Ah, Capella Mining
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day (MD) 1

After the Captain and First Officer had left the bridge Richard McGavin stood from his helm station console and planted himself in the command chair. The seat was still warm from Bronson. Ensign Graham Winters moved from the auxiliary systems station and assumed McGavin's helm station. McGavin wasn't fond of being placed in command when the two highest ranking officers were off duty, or otherwise occupied. It usually meant that the ship would be in standard orbit while they figured out what was going on, or completed whatever task Starfleet asked of them. At least if he'd been seated at the helm console, he would have something to focus on, in the centre seat there wasn't much to do.

The viewscreen displayed Capella IV below, in its position to the left of the Providence as the mighty ship orbited the blue-green planet. "Bridge; transporter room. Landing party beamed down."

"Acknowledged, McGavin out." he clicked the channel closed. "Lieutenant," he said addressing the science station. "keep your eyes peeled for and Klingon activity, it's been quiet for way too long."

"Aye, sir." replied the sciences lieutenant.

Richard sighed, in just over a week he would be first officer about a new ship, one so secretive he still didn't know anything about it. Not even Gee Gee had any details thus far. This wasn't a duty he was looking forward to, he wasn't truly a command oriented officer. He'd only accepted the posting as second officer because his most recent promotion depended upon accepting a command level position. The rank of lieutenant commander was only awarded to those who were committed to the command level duties. At least that was the way it was sold to Richard. He believed that there was a possibility, however remote, that Captain Bronson may have oversold that fact.

In any case, the ship was in orbit, and McGavin had to make sure she was safe.


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