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Down to the Planet

Posted on Tue Jan 23, 2018 @ 4:59am by Captain Richard McGavin & Lieutenant Commander Bobaht Lennhai & Junior Lieutenant Lenara Nirin & Junior Lieutenant Strivir & Commander Gregory Greyson & Ensign Patty O'Flarity

Mission: Ah, Capella Mining
Location: USS Providence/Southern Continent Capella IV
Timeline: Mission Day (MD) 1

The ship's only Caitian officer, Junior Lieutenant Strivir was seated at the communications console. He was the department head, and was exceptionally good at his job.

"Lieutenant," he addressed the Lieutenant. "contact the facility and inform them we'll be coming down to assist." he paused and started towards the turbolift. "Oh, and lieutenant, accompany the team, the new systems they sent are coded a bit differently than the old ones. We night need you expertise to get them to talk to one another."

"Hailing them now sir." he said. Activating his earpiece he raised the surface of Capella IV. "Capella control, this is USS Providence." he said. "We are in orbit and will be beaming down shortly"

Bronson entered the lift and turned. "McGavin, you have the CONN." and the doors closed as he was whisked away to his quarters.

Gee Gee toggled a control to open a ship-wide channel. "Lieutenant Nirin, report to transporter room one in ten minutes."

Lenara had just been working on a formal report on a minor incident between two Officers when she heard the call. After concluding her final sentence she would get up and grabbed her phaser pistol before heading for the Transporter Room.

He straightened and stood before the turbolift to wait for the next car. "C'mon Strivir, let's not keep everyone waiting." The door parted and he stepped aboard.

"Right behind you sir." the red shirted caitian replied, following his superior officer.

The lift ride was short. It slowed as it neared their destination. With a whoosh the doors parted and the two officers strode down the corridor towards the transporter room. They walked in silence, there was nothing to be discussed yet. They rounded the last bend, and entered the large room that housed one of the Providence's transporter pads. Inside Lieutenant Bill Williams, the transporter chief was standing ready at the controls.

"Commander." he nodded.

Gee Gee raised an eyebrow. "Bill, I didn't think you'd be on duty for a few hours yet." he glided across the floor to the console where Bill was stationed.

"I slept funny on my arm, Sir, it woke me. So I figured I'd punch the clock a bit early." Bill gave his warmest grin. That particular grin could melt a polar ice cap in a single second. "Is everyone here?" he continued.

Gee Gee waived him off. "Nah, still waiting on security to show up."

"Security has arrived, Commander" Lenara said as she walked in at just the right moment to overhear the conversation.

Gee Gee turned around to see the striking figure of Lieutenant Nirin moving towards him. He nodded at her. "Lieutenant, where's Ensign O'Flarity? I thought he was pulled for this detail too."

"He is, sir. I expect he will be joining us any second" Lenara replied, somewhat annoyed that the Ensign wasn't here yet.

Mere seconds later, the out-of-breath O'Flarity rushed in, his face flushed. "Sorry, sorry!" he said with his distinctive Irish brogue, plainly embarrassed. "Ensign Copeland distress, so I had to provide assistance, but I'm here now, sorry sir!"

"...Ensign." Gee Gee looked puzzled at the junior security officer. He wasn't quite sure what to make of the officer, so he decided to draw no conclusions at this juncture. Gee Gee picked the communicator and engineering tricorder off the side table, fixed the communicator to his landing party belt and slung the tricorder over his shoulder.

As he mounted the steps to the transporter pad, he wondered what the future would hold. He had a nagging feeling that his next assignment wouldn't be as fun as this one.

Lenara walked onto the pad, without looking she set her phaser to stun. She wasn't really expecting any trouble but it never hurt to be prepared.

Still catching his breath, O'Flarity accordingly followed his boss onto the transporter padd, trying to recover his dignity as he stood ramrod straight to prepare for transport.

Strivir gladly stepped up on the pad

"Energize Bill."

The high-pitched whine of the transporter effect grew louder as the gold shimmering field engulfed Gee Gee. As the sound entered its decrescendo the Capella IV atmosphere materialized around him. To the parties right there was a group waiting to meet them. Gee Gee thought I wonder how they always know where we're going to beam down, it's not like we exactly call ahead and give them specific coordinates, we just say we're coming...

The group was a mix of Federation-types in blue and red jumpsuits and Capellans in their traditional solid colours and furs with balaclavas. There was one man, short and pudgy with a greasy balding comb-over, dressed in an old suit that, at one time, probably looked very impressive. He stepped forward as he examined the sleeves of the crew looking for the leader. "Commander," he said selecting Gee Gee "I'm Wix Tyson, administrator of this, um, small little project. How do you do?"

Begrudgingly Gee Gee took his offered hand. "...I do just fine, thank you, Mr. Tyson-"

"Please, all of you, call me Wix, we're all friends here." Wix cut in with his gravelly tone.

Lenara looked Wix over, the man didn't really look impressive at all, to some extent she even felt disgusted by his presence. She was definitely not looking forward to spending more time on the surface than needed.

"-Wix." Gee Gee sighed, inaudibly. It was going to be a long couple of days. "We're aware there are some problems integrating the newer generation of components with the previous generation. Our communications specialist, Strivir, is here to assist with that." He said, indicating the large Caitian. "Lieutenant Nirin and Ensign O'Flarity are here to help with any of the heavy lifting, and security planning for after our departure from orbit." Gee Gee pointed out the other two officers.

Lenara nodded when her name was mentioned in confirmation.

"And you?" Wix inquired with a funny look on his face. Gee Gee, couldn't place it, but it wasn't really that important.

"I'm here to ensure the cargo is offloaded properly."

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