NCC - 86105
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Kitty Chat

Posted on Tue Jan 16, 2018 @ 3:10pm by Junior Lieutenant Strivir

Mission: Ah, Capella Mining
Location: Strivirs quarters
Timeline: MD1

Strivir was up several hours early, pacing about his quarters. That was extremely uncharacteristic of him, normally he was a sound sleeper after all. After all he was exactly where he wanted to be in his career. he'd been angling for a constitution class ever since the Academy, and now the young officer had it.

However on his previous ship he was "one of the guy's". On Providence however he was the boss. A small part of him was experiencing a feeling on "it's lonely at the top." That coupled with being the only caitian on board could account for this scene.

Up way too early, and at a loss for something to do Strivir fell on the caitians well known tendency for cleanliness, straightening up and such. That was until his desk console began to beep.

He logged in to see what was the matter. What he got was a surprise

"Surprise bro!" a female caitian said.

"Nuluss!" Strivir said. "How are you doing?"

"Better now!" Strivir replied

Nuluss, a female caitian wearing the the blue of science spoke up.

"So. How's life in the fleet treating you? she asked.

"Can't complain. Chief comms on the Providence. Good work, keeps me busy. Gotta admit being the only caitian here is a little rough." he said. "You? See that you're wearing blue now. Finally got that post on the Miranda?"

"Sure did!"

"Great job....little sis." he said, smiling in a way he knew annoyed her.

"By two seconds!" she protested.

"Which still makes me older! But seriously, how do you like it there?"

"Going well bro. Amazed to have a caitian department head. Good guy." she said.

Guy huh? he thought. "Hmm..Could I possibly be an uncle anytime soon?" he said, joking.

"Oh shut up!" Nuluss said. "If I could hit you now, I would!"

"You know you love me. I gotta kid."

"I know!" she smiled.

Killing the moment Strivirs chronometer went off, reminding him of his bridge shift. The siblings rolled their eyes in unison. "Love you!" they said, terminating the commlink.


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