NCC - 86105

Captain's Log

Posted on Sun Jan 14, 2018 @ 9:41pm by Captain Richard McGavin & Captain Phillip Bronson & Commander Gregory Greyson
Edited on on Thu Jan 18, 2018 @ 4:37am

Mission: Ah, Capella Mining
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day (MD) 1

"Captain's Log stardate 6442.9 the Providence is in orbit of planet Capella IV as supply escort to a convoy transporting goods to the new topaline mining facility on the southern continent. Three years ago the Enterprise and Jim Kirk negotiated for the rights, while tangling with the Klingons."

Captain Phillip Bronson, a man in his mid-fifties with graying brown hair, a chiseled jaw and a widening waistline sat in the center seat. He was a bit nervous being so close to the Klingon border, even though there hadn't been a sighting for months. He hadn't been too keen on this assignment, too many vulnerable ships in one location in his opinion, but then Starfleet didn't ask for ship commanders for their opinion did they? They gave orders, and they were expected to be followed.

At the helm console Lieutenant Commander Richard McGavin, mid-thirties, black hair and a youthful vigor was diligently checking his scopes. McGavin was a fine officer, talented with the helm, he could probably fly a garbage scow circles around a Klingon D-7. He had been aboard the Providence for years now, recently promoted to second officer.

"Helm, status report." barked Bronson.

In a crisp tone McGavin replied. "Maintaining standard orbit, Captain. Fifteen minutes to our next pass over the southern continent." McGavin toggled a few controls.

"Gee Gee," Bronson said to Commander Gregory Greyson, affectionately known as Gee Gee by his close friends. "what's the status on the cargo drop?"

The engineer turned from his bridge station. Gee Gee was taller than either Bronson or McGavin, standing at about six foot two inches. He had blond hair and grey eyes. He was gaunt and had high cheek bones protruding from his thin face. He smiled warmly at the captain. "They're doing their best, Cap'n. I'll be about another forty-eight hours until they're unloaded. Then about twenty-four to get it all installed."

Bronson was happy at this news, they'd be underway in about three days, give or take. "Very good," he paused to stifle a yawn. "I'm gonna get some shut-eye. Take a landing party to the planet to see if you can assist them in any way. Take security with you, just incase, we don't know when trouble might show." He stood and surveyed the bridge. The ship's only Caitian officer, Junior Lieutenant Strivir was seated at the communications console. He was the department head, and was exceptionally good at his job.

"Lieutenant," he addressed the Lieutenant. "contact the facility and inform them we'll be coming down to assist." he paused and started towards the turbolift. "Oh, and lieutenant, accompany the team, the new systems they sent are coded a bit differently than the old ones. We night need you expertise to get them to talk to one another."

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Bronson entered the lift and turned. "McGavin, you have the CONN." and the doors closed as he was whisked away to his quarters.

Gee Gee toggled a control to open a ship-wide channel. "Lieutenant Nirin, report to transporter room one in ten minutes."

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