NCC - 86105

Grave-ity Issues

Posted on Mon Apr 9, 2018 @ 2:59am by Lieutenant Doctor Amiri Aldana 182.5 D.V.M., OB/Gyn & Luuna (Luna) Aldana 182.5 C.G.CA/U & Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA & Captain Richard McGavin
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Mission: Edge of Time
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 1715
Tags: Luuna, Sombra

After a nice time catching up with hir old roommate and friend from the academy Doctor Aldana 182.5 was in hir office reading up on some files of the various crew. Sickbay was otherwise empty, so s/he had both of hir companions with hir.

Presently Sombra -- a male member of the canidae family -- of course was in his service dog vest. He was under 'Alpha's' desk resting on hir feet. The vest was medical teal, and had various patches and identification on it. One of them read "Please ask to pet" among others.

Luuna -- a female -- was near-by. She didn't usually wear anything, but it had been a while since she'd warn her vest presently set to blue so that if anyone asked she was indeed trained for therapy or in a fashion, for moral. Also with various patches and identification. Most of the markings on this one were indications for Search & Rescue.

Aldana rubbed hir eyes. The pain text of the bios s/he was reading were having their toll on hir. S/he stretched briefly before rising to hir feet. S/he crossed over to a biobed, ~Luuna, hup!~

The female black and tan sable (sometimes called silver) perked up, smiled, and obediently complied. She met 'Alpha' in the face and gave hir a few quick licks.

"Lay." Amiri said out loud for practice. Usually the Kazarite would ask anything of an animal mentally, but occasionally s/he said them out loud and more in a command style; usually to the benefit of anyone listening who may not understand these were not just Terran dogs, and whom might need to believe s/he had good obedient animals.

"May as well give you a bit of a medical once-over while we have tim-"

Everything shook! Instinctively Aldana splayed hir arms and body over the being on the biobed. S/he would have done this no matter who was there.

S/he stood erect. "Get Safe!" S/he was calm and direct. The volume and pitch indicated urgency.

Luuna knew what that meant. She was always aware of her surroundings. The desk was attached to the wall and sturdy. The leg alcove was recessed and secure. Her brother was there.

Aldana was right behind her. S/he had added tethers underneath just in case. The Chief Medical Officer didn't mess around when it came to the safety of hir partners.

Another tremor. Just as s/he'd gotten hir guyzos secure. Aldana instantly felt lighter. S/he didn't instantly float away like in the movies; s/he had be relatively still, but this wouldn't help things as people may be trying to get to hir for help. S/he straightened up slowly. The doctor would need to be practicing hir zero-G training. There may be wounded on their way, better to get some practice in and activate that muscle memory now.

As Amiri pushed off very slowly Sombra wined. Before s/he was out of reach s/he fondled his ears and stroked his cheek. "I'm alright buddy, stay with your sister for now. Luuna, Protect: brother, self, but remember redshirts are our friends. They lead us to 'find' and that means 'Ms Inkky'."

A familiar tone caught their ears and a voice came from the red box over on the wall. "Damage reports, all stations."


Some time had passed since the doctor made hir report to the bridge, but gravity platting was still out through out stratigic sections of the deck, including sickbay. Doctor Aldana had been doing hir best to cope with performing hir duties in zero-G, but it wasn't easy. S/he had sent out first response teams all over the ship, still a few cases were bad enough to warrant bringing them back to sickbay, and as if coping with the floatyness wasn't hard enough. Try working on a crewman's broken leg when the pieces kept on wanting to float in opposite directions.

After departing the chaos in engineering Richard rode the lift to sickbay. Upon arrival he released the handle and strode through the hissing doors and down the corridor. It was quiet, quieter than he'd expected it would be since there were so many injuries reported all over the ship.

He rounded the last bend before the sickbay, maybe twenty or thirty feet away when his stomach twisted, nearly spewing its contents all over the deck. It was a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time, not since he was a younger man, but he'd also not seen as much carnage as he'd seen today in just as long.

Richard burst into the sickbay at full pace and immediately felt lighter, almost loosing all weight as he tumbled head over heels into the front room. "Damnit!" he yelled after his first few tumbles. Then, his lunch came up as ceremoniously as possible under the circumstances.

Richard impacted the wall at the far side of the room before he could orient himself to cushion the impact. Most of his ejected material collided with him on his return trip across the room. "Doctor! What the hell is going on here?" Richard exclaimed while still going head over heals.

A nurse came to the captain's aide immediately trying to help him clean up. She had managed to hobble something together to keep her feet to the ground made out silver strips of a strong fabric with adhesive on one side. She called it duct tape. She started in on the misplaced chunks of lunch utilizing the suction of a matter reclamation unit (otherwise known as a wet/dry vac.)

The doctor hovered to and fro between crew trying to perform triage the best s/he could in 0G. "I'll be with you as soon as I can, sir." The Kazarite hybrid doctor came to hir next patient. S/he peered into his eyes, manually took his pulse, and looked him over for major injuries. "No concussion see a nurse if you want something for the swelling and the pain."

Eventually Doctor Aldana hovered over to hir senior officer, offering him a sterile wet cloth for his face. "I apologize commander. We lost artificial gravity to the entire deck soon after... whatever happened. Were we attacked? I reported the gravity issue in my damage report, but so far no one has come to fix it." S/he reached out for hir superior officer to try and steady him. "Would you like something for the motion sickness? I can give you a sandwich if you'd like for the lunch you lost earlier."

After a moment, Richard gathered his thoughts, and shook off the rest of his queasiness. "No, I'm good Doctor. The gravity isn't off on the whole deck, just sickbay, I guess." He looked around the room. "Hey, where are all the patients? I thought there were injuries all over the ship?"

"I've sent my emergency respondent teams out already. Preliminary reports are mostly minor injuries treated in the field." Aldana turned back to a patient on the main bed. S/he resumed with the sub-dermal regenerater on the patient's crown. "This one is here. Some of them are through there in the trauma center. Through there." The dual-gender doctor gestured with a thumb over hir shoulder. "Through that doorway and around the corner. There's 15-20 in there in various stages of treatment and recovery. I suppose I should thank Starfleet for a competent nursing staff."

Richard looked at the Doctor, hir expression let him know that s/he was confident in hir position. "Alright Doctor," Richard started, "let me know when you have the autopsy results for the Captain and Commander Greyson." With that Richard nodded at the Doctor. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to change." Richard pushed himself towards the door.

"I'll be here I'm sure. Be safe, sir."