NCC - 86105
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Mechanical Issues

Posted on Sun Mar 4, 2018 @ 12:46am by Captain Richard McGavin & Lieutenant John Knight

Mission: Edge of Time
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: 1607

Lieutenant Commander McGavin burst into the engine room from the main set of double doors. In the preceding hallway everyone had looked in a daze, fairly unsure whether they were coming or going. Inside main engineering things were not much better. There were a few people who looked like they knew what they were doing, they were huddled in pairs or small groups with various tools and looks of strain as they struggled to keep up with the failing systems.

Directly ahead of Richard there was a young crewman, no more than nineteen or twenty years old. From the expression on his face Richard could only assume the young man had shit himself in the total insanity that had just transpired. "Crewman!" McGavin shouted at the pale-faced man, who had surely just soiled himself if he hadn't already. "Where is Lieutenant Knight?" the helmsman shouted, grabbing both the young man's shoulder.

In the background there were sparks flying and panels blinking on and off as systems struggled to stay active under the recent strain. The crewman retained his blank stare. "Crewman!" he gently shook the man, hoping to elicit some kind of response. "Where is Lieutenant Knight?" Slowly the other man blinked once, then twice, finally shaking his head and focusing on Richard.

"Lieutenant Knight? He's, uh-" The dazed crewman frantically looked about, focusing on a fellow on the upper engineering catwalk making his way back down the the main deck. He pointed, indicating that man. "there sir, coming down the ladder." After the exertion, the crewman almost passed out.

Richard released the pour soul and marched over to the man on the ladder. "Lieutenant Knight?"

Knight looked at McGavin, then pointed at the crewman "Get that primary coupler back together, or we're gonna lose power on even more decks!" he said, then walked over to McGavin. "What do you need, sir."

"What's our status?" McGavin wondered.

"Not too good, sir, we've lost warp, power on five decks, a lot else." he told him, "Where's GeeGee?"

McGavin sighed. "He's dead. I don't know exactly what happened, but..." he got lost in thought for a moment, then shook himself back. "I... I don't know what happened. He's dead. As his assistant, you've inherited the job."

"I'm sorry to hear that, what happened, where are we?"

"We're not exactly sure where we are... or when. Just give me a damage assessment, Mister!" McGavin said angrily. Then he sighed, and took another deep breath. It wasn't this guys fault, not for any of it. It wouldn't due to take with shit out on him. "Sorry, it's pretty insane. Lieutenant Knight, damage report, please."

"Well, like I said before, we've lost Warp power, and that'll take at least a couple of days without a Starbase," he said, then walking over to get his tool kit "We've also lost three shield generators, along with phasers, torpedoes, and long-range sensors, but we should be able to have impulse back up within the hour." he then looked at the warp reactor. "But with half of our staff dead, we may not be able to get everything back up within the week"

That was really, really bad news. The ship was hurting, the crew was hurting, and McGavin felt fairly unprepared. He sighed heavily, scouring his mind to assemble an authoritative order for the newly appointed chief engineer. "Holy shit!" After a beat, he continued. "Lieutenant, what's your first name?" McGavin wondered.

"John, sir," he said.

"Good to know you John, I'm Richard, just don't call me Dick." he paused briefly before continuing. "I need you to prioritize warp and impulse maneuvering. Then weapons, sensors and everything else after that. We don't know what to expect while we're out-" Richard gestured with his hand in and expansive area around his head "-wherever it is we are. If you need any additional personnel, commandeer whomever you need, you have my permission."

"Yes, sir, I'll do that," he said, then a pipe on the wall burst, venting some kind of steam. "If you'll excuse me." Knight then ran to repair th Pipe as well as the crewman the burst threw to the other side of the room.

The man was already gone, not waiting to be dismissed. "Good luck, John." McGavin called after him, but it was said more or less to himself in the end. He turned and exited engineering. Next stop, Medical.


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