NCC - 86105
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Deep into it

Posted on Sun Mar 11, 2018 @ 10:24pm by Junior Lieutenant Strivir & Captain Richard McGavin & Lieutenant Dana Sawyer

Mission: Edge of Time
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 1605

"Sir," Lieutenant Sawyer called to Lieutenant Strivir. "I've completed a preliminary scan of the immediate area, we're inside known Klingon Space, by about twenty-five lightyears!" She turned to look directly at Strivir or emphasize her point.

"Klingon?!" he said in disbelief. He put his headset in his ear and began typing on his console. Both voice and signal. "This is a priority one distress call, repeat priority one." he began. "This is USS Providence. We have found ourselves in Klingon space. request any and all assistance."

Dana thought it odd for the large Caitian to show fear of any kind. She has caught the slight inflection in Strivir's reply. Dana had only served with Strivir for a short while, but in that time she had come to know he showed little fear about anything. Perhaps the only race more fierce than is own, were the Klingons.

"That's weird." he said. "I'm getting no contact." Strivir said, quizzical look on his features.

"Lieutenant, I don't have any more information for you. Our long range sensors are off-line, maximum range of fifteen lightyears currently." She paused a moment "Sir," her eyes squinted examining something in the blue light of the sensor hood. "I'm getting something on the extreme range of our operational sensor suite."

"Well at least someone heard us. Question is, who?"

She frowned, at this range there was no way to be certain, the damaged to the suite was too severe to get any readings one way oymr another. "I can't tell, not at this range." she said plainly. "Considering we're in Klingon space, I would hazard a guess that it's a Klingon Warbird!"

"That's not good." the caitian stated.

"Perhaps we should inform the Captain-" she paused, looking toward the floor where there was a pile of dried blood where moments before a medical team had collected the captain and first officer. "-er, Lieutenant Commander McGavin."

"Agreed." Strivir, pressed a comm. "Lieutenant Strivir to Commander McGavin. Sir, we have a situation. Unidentified ship at extreme sensor range."

McGavin was on his way to medical when the excitable Caitian Lieutenant called a message for the McGavin over ship wide. He thought to himself, 'That's definitely not good for ships morale.' he pounded his fist in the next intercom panel he found.

"Lieutenant, this is McGavin. Who is it? Do we have a registry?"

"No sir." he said, calming his voice down. "Not as of yet. Suspected Klingon warship."

"Red alert, Mr. Strivir." he said into the panel. "I'll be up to the bridge shortly." He punched off the intercom and continued for medical.

"Aye sir." the caitian said.


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