NCC - 86105
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Command Authority

Posted on Fri Feb 23, 2018 @ 4:24am by Captain Richard McGavin & Captain Phillip Bronson & Commander Gregory Greyson

Mission: Edge of Time
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day (MD) 1 | 1600

Capt. Bronson, CO (NPC)

Cmdr. Greyson, Chief Engineer, First Officer (NPC)

Lt. Cmdr McGavin, Helmsman, Second Officer (PC)

Lt. Sawyer, Science Officer (NPC)


"Captain's Log Stardate 6443.1; The Providence has departed Capella IV following a routine supply drop to the Topaline Moning Colony. We're enroute to Starbase L-5 where Commander Greyson is taking command of a new class of exploratory vessel, rumoured to outperform the Constitution-Class vessels in almost every way. Lieutenant Commander McGavin has been assigned as his Helmsman and First Officer."

Captain Phillip Bronson, a man in his early fifties with grey hair creeping in on his temples, working in concert with his forehead wrinkles to turn his once youthful appearance to that of an experienced command officer. He clicked button on his data tablet to discontinue the log recording. He shared a knowing look with Gregory Greyson, affectionately known as GeeGee. The marginally younger red-headed engineer stood from the bridge engineering station next to the turbolift, positioned himself next to the railing to the command pit and folded his arms. He smirked, but only slightly.

With a nod Phillip spoke first. "We're almost there *Captain,*" Bronson said, emphasizing GeeGee's not-yet-received rank promotion. "Only a couple of days, and you'll be off flying circles around the Providence."

"It'll take more than a couple of days to completely shake her down... give us a week?" GeeGee said sarcastically.

Bronson sighed, "You're also taking my best helmsman," he indicated Lieutenant Commander McGavin seated at the helm. "who am I supposed to get to fly my starship?"

Richard McGavin, a man in his mid thirties with brown hair, a medium complexion, and a strong chin pivoted his lean body around in his chair to face both his captain and the ship's first officer. "I'm just a guy who pushes a couple of buttons, there's really nothing special about me over the next guy, I've just been doing it longer." he said, a hint of sarcasm in his tone, then turned back to his station.

"Don't be so modest," replied Captain Bronson, "you do yourself a disservice, you're an excellent pilot, and I hate to lose you."

Lieutenant Dana Sawyer, a young and fit blonde woman, looked up from the hooded scope at the sciences station. "Captain, I'm reading a disto-"

The next sequence of events happened almost instantaneously. Bronson's head whipped around to look at Sawyer, while GeeGee shifted his gaze to Sawyer. Sawyer's face paled with what she was about to say when the ship bucked violently to starboard, throwing the entire crew in that direction. Bronson toppled backward splitting his head wide open on the raised step of the helm and navigation consoles. GeeGee lost his footing and fell over the railing so quickly he wasn't able to unlink his arms in time to stop his descent, the floor took care of that, his head and neck taking the brunt of the impact severing his spinal cord and killing him instantly.

The Providence was surrounded by a multi-coloured expanse, hues of red, blue and yellow, the Constitution-Class ship bucked and weaved as the eddys tossed the ship around like a snowflake on the wind.

On the bridge, McGavin struggled against the centre on the console to right himself os he could reach the controls on his console. He managed it, barely, and attempted to correct the ship to port. The vessel groaned in protest, a child who didn't want to obey their parent, reluctantly the Providence's violent trek through the expanse began to slow, until the ship lurched to a stop after hitting something that seemed like a brick wall. At some point, he wasn't sure when, the lights had dimmed. They came back to full strength.

"Captain-" McGavin began, at first not taking his eyes off of his display. When he did, he froze.

"Captain!" he exclaimed. McGavin rushed over to his commanding officer, "GeeGee!" he added when he noticed the engineer on the floor, his head at an unnatural angle. "Call medical, CALL MEDICAL!" he yelled to anyone who would listen. He felt for a pulse from the captain, nothing. It would later be discovered that Bronson, a closet hypochondriac, had been putting off his regular checkups with the Ship's Physician. This resulted in an aneurysm going unchecked in his brain for several months. The blow to his head was enough to rupture it, very quickly killing him.

For a moment, McGavin didn't know what to do. His captain and his first officer were dead. If they were dead, that meant he was in temporary command. He rose from the floor after closing the eyes of both Bronson and GeeGee, sat at the helm station and stopped forward momentum. "Science, science..." he started, slightly distracted. "Science, where is our location?"

By this time Lieutenant Sawyer had collected herself, straightened her uniform and had been staring at the two dead men on the floor. "Uh... what?"

"Where is our position, Dana?" McGavin asked again from the helm station.

Sawyer examined the science scope. "Sir, we're a few thousand lighyears from where we started, but the stars are in different positions."

"That'll happen if we move, Lieutenant."

"No sir," she exclaimed, "you don't understand. Movement doesn't account for this, only time does. Give or take a hundred years-"

"A hundred years? You must be joking." McGavin eyed her. "There is no way we could have travelled through time, it's not possible!"

Dana screwed up her face. "With all due respect, sir. Record tapes from Mr. Spock of the Enterprise indicate that it's entirely possible to travel through time. They've had recently de-classified mission reports stating so."

Of course, that would explain it, Richard wasn't big on science, so he never would have picked up the reports or given them a second look if he had. "Okay so where-" McGavin started. "-when are we?"

Dana sighed, "Late 24th century, somewhere between 2370 and 2390." she replied after looking up from her scope.

McGavin paused a moment, he sucked in a calming breath. "Damage report; all stations." No one around him moved, the bridge was silent. "On the double!" he cried, all the officers snapped out of their revery and turned to work.

Another calming breath in and out, McGavin wiped his hand over his face. He stood next to the helm station and toggled the intercom button, it made its familiar whistle. "Bridge to engineering; Lieutenant Knight?" There was no reply. "Engineering; Lieutenant Knight!" Only an ear full of static answered his call.

"Lieutenant," he said to Communications Officer Strivir, "you have the CONN, I'm heading to the engine room. Try to raise Starfleet."


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