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Reunited Roommates

Posted on Sun Apr 1, 2018 @ 7:02am by Lieutenant Doctor Amiri Aldana 182.5 D.V.M., OB/Gyn & Luuna (Luna) Aldana 182.5 C.G.CA/U & Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA & Junior Lieutenant Strivir
Edited on on Mon Apr 9, 2018 @ 10:31am

Mission: Ah, Capella Mining
Location: Crew Mess
Timeline: 2270
Tags: Luuna, Sombra

Strivir had just gotten off duty and was itching for a way to blow off some steam before hitting his quarters for the night. He considered calling his sister, tease her some more. "Nah." he said as he entered the bridge turbolift. He pressed a button and off it went.

It deposited him on the mess deck. This proved fortunate as his stomach called to him as if to say "Feed me." Strivir acquiesced and entered.

Across the mess in their usual corner for the table with the extra room were a trio of handler, service animal, and companion. Aldana had decided they needed to get out for dinner tonight and Luuna had mentioned she was hungry, so they ended up here lounging in the eh, lounge.

Luuna had wanted to be closer to her 'alpha' since she had spent all day away from hir, so she lay on the corner curved bench curled up right next to hir, her muzzle rooting around in her bowl. Sombra on the other paw was just as content under Aldana's feet, he too was supping, if a bit more polite than his sister. Meanwhile Doctor Aldana had hir own meal, but was enjoying it in a little more 'civilized' manner in much the traditional humanoid manner.

Strivir entered and caught the trio out of the corner of his eye. And they looked familiar. He decided that he'd mosey over that way once he got his meal. Which consisted of a grilled chicken salad with french dressing, a meal he'd gotten hooked on at the academy.

He went over there and sure enough it was who he thought. "Remember me?" he smiled, not letting rank stop him. "Strivir, from the Academy."

Instant recognition hit the Kazarite. S/he shot up out of hir seat so fast, s/he banged hir left knee on the bottom of the table. "Cuddles!" Barely noticing the impact due to hir excitement, s/he enveloped the furry Catian / former roommate in a bear hug.

"It's great to see you too!" he replied. He'd missed those so much. Reminded him of old times, which he liked. He returned the hug, wide smile on his face!

The doctor let the comms officer go. "Please sit, we simply must catch up. You have to meet my new service animal and his sister. They're members of canidae like the last one."

"Sounds good to me Amiri." he smiled as he sat.

~Scoot over love.~ Amiri nudged Luuna who subsequently moved over nudging her bowl. However as soon as Amiri settled in, she was leaning across 'Alpha's' lap sniffing.

~Who is? Has clearance?~

~Relax babe, and use your sentences, if you want people to treat you like you're sentient besides me it might help.~

Meanwhile Sombra was oblivious. He was technically on duty, so he just kept his cool under the table, and moved his bowl when the new set of feet slid next to him.

~Sombra, you can come meet 'Cuddles' if you'd like.~

Sombra sat up ducking his head down to keep from hitting it on the underside of the table. He decided to put it into 'Alpha's' lap for attention.

Strivir smiled. He knew he liked hir service animal while at the academy, so this shouldn't be different. "Hello!" he said, cheerfully, disproving the whole "cats vs dogs" thing.

Sombra moved his head from 'alpha's' lap to the other's, he sniffed him eagerly, trying to identify what was familiar about him yet not. He nudged the stranger's hand.

"So, what have they had you up to all this time? You finally got your stripes I see." Aldana commented, referring to his lieutenant status.

Meanwhile Luuna was scenting the air, sniffing the stranger from a distance.

"Been doing communications since I left the academy. Old Hermes-class ship." he smiled. "Fun work." he said. "Fortune knocked one day when I was offered my post here. I pounced." he chuckled. "Glad to see you here!"

Aldana shook hir head, s/he wasn't sure s/he heard the Catian right. "'An old Herm-class ship'? What was it full of hermaphrodites? Sounds like fun." S/he winked and nudged him. "I'm glad you're here too. I've missed you."

"Likewise." he replied, smiling.

Amiri leaned forward and craned hir head trying to get a gander at what the Caitian was eating. "Is that one of those peanut-butter fudge squares?"

Strivir smiled. He knew how much his friend loved those. In fact, that's how he got hooked on them. He nodded. "I've got two." he offered.

Sombra perked up and tried to sniff around at the sound of 'peanut butter.' Luuna scooted closer nudging the elbow of the furry man.

"Only two?" Aldana smiled eyeing the antics of hir fellows, "It looks like perhaps I should get two more."

Strivir smiled. He petted Luuna. "Be right back with as many as I can get" he laughed. He walked back to the line. waited when the mess officer wasn't looking and swiped the plate. He came back to the table. "Ta da.' he said.

While the feline male was gone, Sombra hopped up in his seat, sitting as if ready to eat like a humanoid. He smiled, panting, up at the furry one.

Luuna stood up on the bench bumping into her brother, she wanted to be closer, she wanted the first piece.

Aldana chuckled at hir companions' antics. "C'mon you two," s/he said out loud for the benefit of others, "where are your manners?"

Strivir just smiled at the scene. He put the plate on the table and chuckled softly to himself, smiling at Amiri.

When the cards -- or in this case the food -- were on the table however the pair were as polite as possible with no hands. The peanut butter squares were more-or-less equal in mass and dimensions, so Sombra nudged one closer to Luuna al la 'Lady and the Tramp' to which Luuna gingerly broke off a piece and slowly began to chew and enjoy the taste of the treat. Sombra then helped himself to a portion of his piece.

Aldana slid into the other bench across the booth from the pair and patted the seat for Strivir to join hir. "C'mon, it's been a while since we've been close together" the doctor offered suggestively then serving up one of the remaining two squares for hir buddy.

"Sure." Strivir said, picking up a square.

As the Catian sat next to hir, Amiri slowly wrapped hir tail around his midsection gently. S/he looked him and smiled. S/he sat silently for a moment, trying to figure out what to say. "So... uh... Have you met anyone yet? What was the Hermes-class ship like?"

"No one yet." he said, head lowered. "Pretty lonely on that Hermes class."

Aldana gave Strivir a side-hug, then gently taking his chin, s/he literally lifted it as s/he said, "Chin up, we still have each other. We can still cash in on our friends-with-benifits. I know! Why don't you show us around the ship on our way back to your quarters for some games."

Aldana slid out of the booth, and looking at hir good, dear friend offered him a hand. "How about it?"

He shrugged. "Ok by me." he said, cheering up.


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