NCC - 86105

Ensign Judith Chesapeake

Name Judith Chesapeake

Position Records Officer

Rank Ensign


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Wed Feb 21, 2018 @ 4:26am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Female
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A young human woman with a full shoulder length brown hair and a rounded face. Her face are adorned with big dark chocolate brown eyes. She has a somewhat short and slender figure, somewhat hourglass like.


Other Family Donatella Figueroa - Maternal Aunt - CO USS Musashi [2250 -- ]

K'Laus - Distant Cousin - Supply Officer USS Pandora [2388 -- ]

Personality & Traits

General Overview A bright eyed young woman with her career ahead of her, Judith Chesapeake is a meek mousy young woman who rarely speaks up or stands out. Had she enlisted in Starfleet rather than pushed herself through the academy, she probably would have been perfectly content being in an administrative capacity as a yeoman. At Starfleet Academy, she majored in Sociology and minored in History. An avid animal lover, her parents foresaw her going into the field of veterinary sciences. This was a point of tension with her parents who were extremely upset with her for going to Starfleet Academy. She had not informed them of this until after she graduated. Lying to her parents was one of her biggest regrets. It was not like her to lie to them, but she was unsure how she would break the news to them that she was going to explore space. A kind and considerate young woman, Judith was planning on visiting her parents with the shore leave time she had racked up in order to mend tensions.

Personal History The USS Providence was Ensign Judith Chesapeake's first assignment and came at a turbulent time when she broke the news to her parents. It caused a severe rift with them that she hoped she could mend during her next shore leave. Serving aboard the starship as the ship's records officer, Ensign Chesapeake was in the command division. Her duties were rather menial and she was rarely seen on the Bridge. Typically, she was just tucked away in an office sorting though data tablets with the responsibility of compiling and managing information regarding to the starship's missions and crew assignments.