NCC - 86105

Lieutenant Yuan Xon

Name Yuan Adric Xon

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Napean
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown


Personality & Traits

General Overview Part scientist, part engineer, and a double shot explorer, Lieutenant Yuan Adric Xon is more than your run of the mill Starfleet scientist. Though he does enjoy a good mystery in the seas of stars to prove his worth as an explorer, this Napean does not have the stereotypical withdrawn and finely stroked ego that most scientist tend to bring with them. Instead, Lieutenant Xon brings several refined tools the table. His understanding of the stellar sciences extends beyond stellar cartography and astrometrics. Xon is well versed in quantum mechanics, temporal physics, and has written a few scholarly papers on the subject of the 'multiverse' and time travel.

Generally, his personality is well liked by his shipmates and the casual acquaintances he has met. He really takes time to get to know people and actually listen to their needs and concerns. What sometimes rubs certain people the wrong way is his strong adherence to morality and principles, the very core fundamental beliefs of the Federation and Starfleet charters. Whereas others may find their own interpretations and make their own philosophies and beliefs, Xon is rather by the book. He does not like to deviate too far off course unless absolutely necessary or going into the realm of the uncharted. He prefers to be on the roads already taken and well traveled over the roads less traveled.

Though he is not as young, bright eyed, or bushy tailed as a newly commissioned ensign, the lieutenant still have that seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge and adventure, The fact that he is more seasoned, just means he will not make some of the foolish mistakes a young ensign would, but he is by no means flawless. His lack of ability to see beyond 'the box' and thus is stuck thinking inside the box may keep him stuck and prevent him from getting out of peculiar situations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong Practical Skills – Xon is an excellent manager of day-to-day tasks, routines, and shuttle maintenance, enjoying making sure that whatever he is assigned to do is done immediately.

Strong Sense of Duty – There is no denying that he has a strong sense of responsibility and strives to meet his obligations both personally and professionally, though this may sometimes be more from a sense of social expectations than intrinsic drive.

Very Loyal – He is extremely loyal and trustworthy to those he serves under and alongside. Xon is a true pillar of any groups that he belongs to.

Sensitive and Warm – Helping to ensure that stability, He seeks harmony and cares deeply about other people’s feelings, being careful not to offend or hurt anybody. Xon is a strong team player, and win-win situations are the stuff smiles are made of for him. No-win scenarios are his Achilles heel.

Worried about Their Social Status – A preoccupation with social status and influence, which affects many decisions he makes, therefore potentially limiting his creativity and open-mindedness.

Inflexible – His high value placement on the importance on what is socially acceptable, makes him very cautious, even critical of anything unconventional or outside the mainstream. If there is something about him that is not socially seen as 'the norm,' he will likely conceal it from others.

Reluctant to Innovate or Improvise – Just as he can be critical of “unusual” behavior, Xon may also be unwilling to step out of his own comfort zones, usually for fear of being (or just appearing) different.

Vulnerable to Criticism – Because he seeks to stay in harmony with the people he serves with, this makes him very conflict-averse. Xon can become very defensive and hurt if someone, especially a person close to them, criticizes their habits, beliefs or traditions.

Often Too Needy – Xon needs to hear and see a great deal of appreciation. If his efforts go unnoticed, he may start fishing for compliments, in an attempt to get reassurance of how much they are valued. If he feels as though he is going unnoticed he may start to question his worth to the ship or crew.

Ambitions He would love to continue advancing his Starfleet career as well as his scholarly contributions. He has his eyes not on the command chair, but rather tacking on a Ph.D or equivalent to his name. Dr. Yuan Xon has a certain attractive ring to it. In the meantime, he just wants to help the USS Providence and her crew come to terms with the modern day.
Hobbies & Interests - Music (classically trained musician)
- Kal-toh
- 3D Chess
- Billards
- Botany (A fan of bonsai)

Personal History Yuan Xon unlike his colleagues and shipmates aboard the USS Providence, is a man of modern times with a fine understanding of the science and technology of the modern day. He was born in year 2360 to loving parents who both were tirelessly busy when he was a child. His father was Napean Psychologist with no service in Starfleet, but was married to a Starfleet Officer. Yuan's mother was a Chemist in Starfleet assigned to the USS Mencius when Yuan was born. A career Starfleet science officer, she remained aboard the USS Mencius and allowed Yuan to be raised by his father while she was away. Yuan's relationship with his mother was strained for several years until he himself joined Starfleet and finally understood and forgave her for her absence growing up.

Starfleet, however, was not where Yuan's passion and eventual career in the field of science began, however. Napeans had long been members of the Federation, and one of a dozen species with mental abilities and discipline far beyond that of humans. They were known for their mathematical prowess, keen eyes, a strong devotion to duty, and great compassion towards others. They were rule makers and rule followers. These are traits and qualities to some extent or another found in Yuan, but he is very much his own unique person and not entirely Napean by human ancestry on his mother's side. Yuan was a shy awkward child during his developmental years through primary education. He often kept to himself and was sometimes bullied for being different. However, his telepathic abilities and compassion always helped him defuse situations even as a young naive child.

Slowly but surely he became more confident in himself and more outspoken. He found independence and a voice of his own. During his secondary education years of middle school and high school, Yuan fell in love with mathematics and science. He took physics during his senior year and became enamored with the theories and possibilities. Astronomy was another one of his stronger areas in science, and as for mathematics, he quite enjoyed probability and statistics. He was never the most physically intimidating individual and was a pacifistic type of person. He never took up anything like boxing because it was far too violent for his tastes. He stayed physically active though by earning a spot on the track and field team. In his free time he quite enjoyed billiards because to him, it was all about the understanding of physics and angles paired with mathematical formulas. This made him quite good at 'shooting pool,' but sometimes other people would take chances and make risky moves that he would never dare take, and that would sometimes work against him. The Vulcan strategy game of Kal-toh was another one of his favorite games to play. He was decent at it though the Vulcans he always played with said that he thought like a Vulcan, but made emotional moves like a Human.

After graduating from High School with honors, though not the top of his graduating class, Yuan Xon was accepted to a handful of universities and institutes for higher learning. The Vulcan Science Academy and Engineering Institute of Tellar were among his top choices, but he ultimately decided to remain on Earth where he grew up. He was not one of those young men who had their eyes set on Starfleet Academy or rushing to a recruiters office to enlist. He appreciated Starfleet and was honored by the service of the men and women who chose to serve, but that was not where he saw himself at that point in time.

He was accepted by and ultimately chose to continue his education with the Imperial College of London to pursue a Masters of Science (MSc). There, he really focused in on his interest of Physics, but had a fairly well rounded bunch of courses in various branches of the scientific field. He did some dabbling in the area of cybernetics which gave him a small taste of engineering. However, he would never be as bold to make any claims that he was an engineer. In a pinch he may be able to make some minor repairs and physics helped him with understanding the basic of warp mechanics. So, he could put in some hours in a starships engine room if absolutely necessary. After approximately two years, Yuan completed the program and received his Masters of Science with a concentration on Physics. He co-authored several academic papers that went on the be published in the Federation Journal of Modern Science, and had a break through paper that he penned entirely on his own about the physics of multiverses. These publications caught the eyes of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations.

From 2384 to 2385, much of what Yuan Xon did or worked on is classified or not commonly obtainable knowledge. He does not openly speak about where he was during this time or what he assignment entailed. Though during this time he proved himself a valuable asset to the Department of Temporal Investigations. The Daystrom Institute of Technology approached him in mid 2385 about joining their faculty as a guest lecturer. He held this post for one academic semester, finishing the semester and reconsidering his career options. DTI were pushing for him to put his scientific expertise to good use by joining Starfleet. Having completed programs at higher education institutes and receiving advanced degrees, he did not need to attend Starfleet Academy like normally commissioned officers. Of course he needed several weeks of officer training courses and be certified to carry a phaser, ensuring he could handle it without shooting himself or anyone else unintentionally. By 2386, he had received an officers commission of Ensign.

In 2388, what the Department of Temporal Investigations calls 'The Providence Incident' occurred. A Federation starship from the 23rd century, the USS Providence managed to unintentionally break through the quantum threshold, a barrier that keeps the multiverse somewhat contained. In basic terminology, the Providence time traveled into the later 24th century and in doing so more or less had trapped themselves in the present day. With their exposure to present day technology and knowledge, there was no way they could be sent back without the probability of severely corrupting the timeline. There was no telling what the end result would be. Starfleet Command, Starfleet Science, and the oversight of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations ruled that the Providence and its crew had to remain in the present and learn to adjust.

DTI and Starfleet Command worked tirelessly to figure out how to best handle the situation. Ultimately, an old starship with an outdated crew lost in a time that was far beyond their immediate comprehension was not going to last very long out in the milky way of 2388. They assigned Lieutenant Commander Bobaht Lennhai, an accomplished Starfleet Counselor with an extensive background and specialization in temporal displacement patients to the USS Providence. Joining him, would be Yuan Xon with a field promotion to the rank of Lieutenant. Yuan Xon's previous work for DTI and understanding of temporal science made him especially qualified to help the crew who had suffered loses in science division. It was going to be a challenging assignment, but it was one he was eagerly looking forward to. One of the bigger challenges ahead of him was going to be socialization with the crew. For starts, they were from a much different time and era of the Federation.
Service Record Department of Temporal Investigations - Agent/Guardian (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION)

Daystrum Institute - Guest Lecturer

USS Davies - Science Officer | Ensign

USS Moffat - Assistant Chief Science Officer | Ensign | Lieutenant JG

USS Providence - Chief Science Officer | Lieutenant