NCC - 86105

Junior Lieutenant Lenara Nirin

Name Lenara Nirin

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Junior Lieutenant


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Tue Jan 23, 2018 @ 4:59am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 121 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown


Father Unknown
Mother Nilani Tigrin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally cold and analytical, Lenara maintains her distance from those that she doesn't know. Once one gains her friendship and/or respect though this will change with her becoming both incredibly loyal and very kind as well. Her experiences in her teens have clearly scarred her and the loss of her mother has left a serious impact on her psyche that altered the rest of her life.

Personal History Lenara was born in 2242 as the daughter of the Joined Trill Nilani Tigrin and an unknown father. Early life was not specifically easy on the girl, with her mother spending a lot of time at her work with the Trill Science Ministry. Once she was old enough to go to school she showed a natural affinity for science and mathematics as well as performing well at physical education. Encouragement from her mother when she was there as well as constant support from her teachers allowed Lenara to prosper at school, gaining some of the best grades at a school already well above the average for the planet. Due to her performance and heritage the Symbiosis Commission would accept her to the program for joining. It seemed like the many generations that came before her, Lenara too would be destined for the scientific pursuits. At age 15 she joined her mother and a small team to observe a developing civilization on a planet only a few systems away from the Trill homeworld. The team observed the culture for months until a system malfunctioned and they were forced to the surface. At this stage they were discovered by the natives and immediately identified as a foreign threat. Little is known about what happened after as both Lenara and the other members of the team have refused to talk about it. What is known is that when the Trill finally managed to extract them two years later when it was safe enough, only four members of the original twenty were still alive. Lenara’s mother not included.

Now an orphan and despite strong support from both her school and the Science Ministry, Lenara’s academic performance started suffering. Even reaching the stage where the Symbiosis Commission considered removing her from the program due to perceived personality incompatibilities with a symbiont. It was only through the intervention of a longterm family friend that Lenara managed to turn things around again, once again improving her academic performances and narrowly being kept in the program. Lenara continued pursuing sciences but her interests turned quite a bit from biology to physics. She became fascinated with weapons systems and participated in several programs to design the weapons systems on Trill vessels. By the time she was 24 she had already obtained two Ph. Ds in singularity sciences and particle weapons. At this point in her life and career she made a decision very few in Trill society did. She applied to join Starfleet. Despite being a member race, so far the Trill had mostly limited their involvement to diplomacy and civilian scientific pursuits as well as cultural exchanges. To join Starfleet was to nearly permanently leave the Trill homeworld and join another civilization. Despite being threatened to be expelled from the Joining program, Lenara joined. She believed Starfleet was the one thing in the galaxy that could guarantee safety and prevent tragedy from occurring.

Despite initial difficulties to make it to the Academy, her previous educational and academic background allowed her to excel. She was swiftly pushed along a tactical route and finished the Academy in three rather than the regular four years. At age 27 she joined the USS Hood as a Tactical and Security Officer. She quickly gained fame on the ship due to one of the first away missions she was on resulting in the team being surrounded by pirates. Both her tactical mind and proficiency with the limited resources available to them allowed her to protect the away team long enough for reinforcements to clear their path. No member of the away team was lost that day. For her bravery and resourcefulness she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade as well Assistant Chief after a month due to the earlier Assistant Chief being reassigned to a different vessel as Chief Security Officer.

At this point in her career Lenara took a leave for medical reasons. In reality she had been selected for Joining. Despite recommendations against it by the Symbiosis Commission, the previous host Audrid had insisted that Lenara should get the Nirin symbiont. This desire was almost exclusively due to previous experiences the woman had had with Lenara. Initial adaptation was hard but the four lifetimes over the past 200 years allowed Lenara to give her own history a place in the large one the Nirin symbiont brought. The presence of these experiences also caused a more general acceptance of her place in life. At this point she could not return to the Hood, her friends there would notice the difference immediately and definitely notice the name change. Lenara was lucky however as a new ship was in need of a Chief Security Officer, both her heroics and skills allowed for her to be selected for this position. She accepted instantly.

Entries referring to her joining or the symbiont are OOC knowledge and would not be on her IC personnel records due to being a wellkept Trill secret.