NCC - 86105

Junior Lieutenant Strivir

Name Strivir

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Junior Lieutenant


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Sun Apr 1, 2018 @ 7:02am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93m
Weight 80kg
Hair Color Tan
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Taller than the average human, standing at over 6 feet tall. However stands a little shorter than his siblings. Has the resemblance of a upright terran cougar


Spouse None
Father Triver
Mother S'rew

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pretty much even tempered, but can get riled at certain pet peeves. These episodes are few and far between however.

Determined individual

Alternates between social mode and alone mode well
Strengths & Weaknesses Aside from his enhanced senses due to his biology.

Strivir likes to think he has a healthy dose of what the humans call "common sense"

However. Still being relatively young has a little bit of a "curiosity killed the cat" to him
Ambitions To use an old earth slogan "Be all that he can be"
Hobbies & Interests Artsy to a degree. Has recently gotten the urge to dabble in music

Personal History Born on Cait about mid litter, Strivirs place in society was pretty much mapped out for him. Stay home. Do your chores. "Eyes open, ears open. Mouth shut." kind of deal.

Being a Caitian, family was everything. As such he went along with it. That however doesn't necessarily mean that he liked it. As such he looked for a way to escape.

In school he found it, while keeping with his culture. He became an artist. That was until he found Starfleet an attractive option.

At 17 he entered the academy, finally having the opportunity to make his own way. 4 years there flew by and nex thing he knew he was a young 21 year old comm officer aboard a science vessel for a two tear mission.

From there he got his dream job at 23. A billet on a constitution class starship. He left the USS Boca to take up a position on the USS Providence
Service Record USS bova

USS Provudence