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Hello and welcome to the R&R Section of the Providence. No, not rest and relaxation, but rules and regulations! Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to play with us aboard the Starship Providence simulation. These rules and regs are here to guide, govern and protect everything that happens within the simulation, that means that everyone, including myself (Justin) as the GM are subject to the rules herein. Visit: for the verbose fleet wide constitution, below are the sim rules that are (hopefully, but probably not) a bit less verbose and easier to understand.
If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Please note, this sim is rated for all players 13 years of age and older, the age limit may be raised at any time without notice to anyone but the current players of the game. The age limit is also clearly marked on the websites home page. Reader discretion is advised.
Terms and abbreviations:
- CO/GM – Commanding Officer/Game Manager, this is me, Justin, responsible for filing paperwork and ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time (Batteries sold separately)
- XO/AGM – Executive or First Officer/Assistant GM, essentially an Assistant GM, typically the most senior player in the sim. The XO and the AGM might not always be the same person at any given time.
- BF – Bravofleet, that’s the Simulation Organisation we belong to.
- CoC – Chain of Command, this is the command structure of any military organisation. Starting with the CO, followed by the XO, then [typically] in the order of seniority.
- IC – In Character, this refers to anything that happens in the simulations’ story line. This is where you play your character. The IC CoC applies here.
- OOC – Out of Character, this refers to anything that happens outside the simulation, here everyone is equal, the only exception when deciding something that effects the game the CO/GM has the final say.
- NPC/PNPC – Non-Player Character/Player NPC: these are characters created either by the CO/GM or other players

1) Have Fun. This is an extremely important, yet simple rule. It’s also the one most often forgotten. You are here to play a game, to enjoy yourself and most of all, have fun! If you’re not having fun, please let me know if I can help you have more fun, or find another solution. If you are having fun, great! Help everyone else get to your level of enjoyment.

2) Here on the Providence everyone is equal, and has equal rights under the Bravofleet Constitution. What does this mean? Well, I’m glad you asked. You, me and, yes, Dupris are all equal, regardless of rank, position held, time on ship, everything. Because we’re all here to have fun (see Rule 1) I would ask the everyone keeps this in mind. Whether you’re playing the First Officer or Crewman Deck-Swabber we’re all equals and should be treated as such regardless of: Geographical location, regional dialect, religion, creed, biological gender, gender identity, income, education, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, or any other factors. Should you feel discriminated against by any member of the crew, please alert me directly. If you feel that I have wronged you in anyway, please alert the TF72 Commanding Officer from the Bravofleet website. We are all held to the same standard, no one is better than anyone else here! We are deserving of a fair and impartial system of justice, unlike those Court Room Dramas!

3) Everyone on board the Providence sim has the right to create, modify, and portray their own character while playing on the simulation. This means that no player other than the original creator may use, modify or disrupt anything about another players character without express permission. Even then, I believe it would be best to have the characters’ creator play any modifications. This also includes romantic or overly sexual subplots between characters. Any subplot of this nature must be fleshed out and agreed upon between the writers involved.

4) Posting, this is the meat on the bones of any game. It’s how we have fun, writing for our characters as they interact with each other on our ship as it flies through space. The posting expectation is as follows:
a. Minimum 1 post per week, totaling 4 posts per month for non-senior staff.
i. If it takes 10 minutes to write a post, then that’s 40 mins/month if you cannot spare 40 mins/month to be active, then you might want to reconsider joining the simulation.
ii. You’re certainly more than welcome to post more often, up to and including several times per day.
iii. Failure to post a bare minimum of 1 time per week for more than 2 consecutive months will lead dismissal from the simulation. (Notwithstanding Rule 5)
b. Minimum 6 posts per month for senior staff.
i. As a senior staffer, in character you lead the crew and often have more interaction with non-senior staff members and are often responsible for moving the plot along. If you don’t believe you can post 1 to 1.5 times per week, please let me know so we can discuss your application for a Senior Position
ii. You’re also quite welcome to post more, up to and including several times per day. These are just guidelines!
iii. Failure to post a bare minimum of 1 time per week for more than 2 consecutive months will lead dismissal from the simulation. (Notwithstanding Rule 5)

5) Leave of Absence! We all have families, friends, jobs, hobbies. Various things that take up our time outside of the simulation, we all don’t eat and breathe Star Trek (right?) If you feel like, or a situation comes up where, you must be away for an extended period, please contact the CO/GM. This protects you from the posting rules, and guarantees your position is there when you return.
a. If you are senior staff at any point you may step down from your position and maintain your character on the simulation in a less senior position until your return where you should be able to return to active duty and get caught up in the current mission.

6) In Character Conduct; please do not write for other players characters, we all have our own quirks that we enjoy writing into out posts. If you need a reply from another character, please tag them buy using: TAG: Name. If you have a longer post, or require a conversation with another character, please ask that player for a join post with their character, it will allow for a more collaborative process and, possibly a smoother flow.

7) NPCs and PNPCs. We all know a ship is filled with many, many characters. Typically, more than the number of people playing on the simulation.
a. NPCs are open to be used by just about anyone, they usually have generic personalities and are often a way to bridge the gap without directly speaking to the other players all the time. They are free to be used by anyone, but please don’t misuse them, kill them, or do anything otherwise considered inappropriate.
b. Often players created their own NPC (Player NPCs) within their department, or their family on the ship. These NPCs are usually used to move small subplots forward, not necessarily requiring interaction from other players. PNPCs are off limits to be used by anyone other than the creator for anything other then a simple question and answer without EXPRESS permission.
i. “Ens. Jones, have you seen Lt. Smith?” Player
ii. “Yes Sir, that way.” PNPC

8) We’re all one big happy fleet, there are plenty of simulations other than the Starship Providence. I would ask that no one approaches (or poaches) other members about joining other simulations within and outside Bravofleet. Not everyone has boatloads of time to play these games, I sure know I don’t. If you really like playing with someone, that’s great! Bare this in mind, the Providence might be the only simulation that player is on. If they end up dividing their time between more, not only may you not enjoy their presence on another simulation, but you may lose the magic here, on the Providence.